What is FilmSkills?

Emmy-winning director, Jason J. Tomaric and publishing leader Focal Press joined forces to produce FilmSkills. FilmSkills is a groundbreaking, interactive, digital tool for film education, bringing Hollywood insiders directly to the computers of a new generation of film students eager to learn the visual art through a visual medium. Adapted for both individuals and film school instructors, FilmSkills is a transformational educational tool that brings film education into the 21st century.

Who is Involved?

These are just a few of the many contributors to the site.

  1. Stephen Skrovan, Emmy-Winning Executive Producer, Everybody Loves Raymond

  2. Andrew Davis, Director, The Fugitive, Collateral Damage, Holes, Chain Reaction, A Perfect Murder

  3. Mary Lou Belli, Emmy-Winning Television Director, Monk, Sister Sister, Girlfriends, The Hughleys

  4. Bethany Rooney, Television Director, Brothers and Sisters, Castle, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy

  5. Anthony Ray Parker, Actor, The Matrix, The Frighteners, Xena, The Marine

  6. David Stump, ASC, Academy-Award-winning cinematographer, Technical Chair of the American Society of Cinematographers

  7. Tom Holman, Academy-Award-winning inventor of THX, Director of Audio of Apple

  8. Anne Marie Gillen, Executive Producer, Fried Green Tomatoes

  9. Josh McLaglen, 1st Assistant Director, Avatar, Titanic, Beowulf, Real Steel

  10. Ron Franco, Emmy-Nominated Set Decorator, True Blood, X-Files, Heroes

  11. Bruce Block, Producer, What Women Want, The Parent Trap, Father of the Bride

  12. Deborah Landis, Academy-Award Nominated Costume Designer, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Michael Jackson's Thriller

  13. Steve Zuckerman, Director, Working Class, Melissa & Joey, According to Jim, Hannah Montana, Living with Fran, Love, Inc., Everybody Loves Raymond, The Drew Carey Show, Murphy Brown

  14. Harry C. Box, Camera Operator, Heroes, Brothers and Sisters, Everybody Hates Chris, Author of The Set Technicians Lighting Handbook

  15. Maria Battles Campbell, 2nd Assistant Director, Avatar, Real Steel

  16. Mike Musteric, 2nd Assistant Director, Lost, Momento

  17. Jeff Ulin, General Counsel to George Lucas, Head of Distribution, Star Wars: Episode III

  18. Larry Jordan, Editing Guru, Independent Filmmaker

  19. Lance Fisher, SOC, Camera Operator, Jonas, House MD, The Shield, Blade: Trinity

  20. Mark Sawicki, Visual Effects Supervisor, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, From Hell, Phone Booth, Author, Filming the Fantastic

  21. Lloyd Kaufman, President, Troma Pictures, Chairman, IFTA

  22. Lori Jane Coleman, Editor, Beverly Hills 90210, Picket Fences, The Practice, Dawson’s Creek

  23. Richard Mall, Key Grip, Avatar, GI Joe, Iron Man 1 & 2, The Italian Job, The Majestic, Red

  24. Charles Rose, Cinematographer, Trafficing, Screamers

  25. Kathy McCurdy, San Diego Film Commissioner

  26. Dan Riffel, Gaffer, Iron Man, G.I. Joe, The Mummy, Hancock, Spiderman 3, X-Men: Last Stand

  27. Judy Irola, A.S.C., Chair USC Cinematography Department

  28. Diana Friedberg, Editor,  Renegade, The Simple Life, Dog Whisperer

  29. Louise Levison, Financing Advisor, The Blair Witch Project, Trouble the Water, Author of Filmmakers and Financing

  30. Blain Brown, Cinematographer, Author, Cinematography: Theory and Practice

  31. Eve Light Honthaner, Production Coordinator, Titanic, Tropic Thunder, Author of The Complete Production Handbook

  32. Chris Huntley, Academy-Award-winning creator, Scriptor

  33. Mark Fenlason, Production Designer, National Geographic, Special Props, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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